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Houston has the third-largest Hispanic and third-largest Mexican population in the United States.



Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Lois Gibbs Coming To Houston

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TTEF Salutes Our Volunteers!!

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A Trip to Highlands, Texas

TTEF Staffer Jamaal Bachelor Recalls His First Trip to the San Jacinto River Waste Pits
This past weekend, I joined my Texans Together family and partnered up with the San Jacinto River Coalition for a trip to Highlands, Texas. For those that have  never been to Highlands, it is a small town accessible from I-10 headed toward Beaumont. Our group met up around 9am and gathered in the Food Town parking lot. The mission was simple: Inform as many residents as possible about the dangers lurking in their local waters and invite them to join us at a special press conference concerning the San Jacinto River Waste Pits on August 2.

Houston Equal Rights Ordinance Update, July 7th

Texans Together Pledges Continued Support of Houston Equal Rights Ordinance
Prior to May 28, 2014, Houston was the only major city in our state without an ordinance protecting residents from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference or any other discriminatory factor. Thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens and organizations like Texans Together, a new level of balance has arrived. While the anti-discrimination law is a positive victory in the fight towards equality, there are still those who stand against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. 


Today, millions of Americans will gather to celebrate our nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which took place on July 4, 1776. While this holiday is typically associated with fireworks, barbecues, family reunions and similar traditions, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone about a valuable lesson taught by the delegates from the original thirteen colonies: There is strength in numbers.

Just as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others worked tirelessly to fight for the right to form a new nation separate from British rule, every day Texans Together works to promote civic engagement and equality for all. We want to wish you a Happy 4th of July, and extend an offer for you to join our cause. There is strength in numbers – and every hand helps.

50 Years of Civil Rights Legislation

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the culmination of a decades-long battle against segregation and discrimination. Texans Together would like to commemorate this historic piece of legislation by reminding everyone that much work remains in the fight towards equality. Here at home, securing The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is key: Help us make history by defending the rights of all, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference or any other discriminatory factor. 

Dr. Sam Brody: I Think This Is a Loaded Gun, In Terms Of a Catastrophe

Texans Together, Jackie Young of the San Jacinto River Coalition and Dr. Sam Brody of Texas A&M University Galveston address the potentially disastrous effects hurricanes could have on local toxic waste sites

Yesterday afternoon, Dr. Sam Brody of Texas A&M released his findings on the San Jacinto Waste Pits during a press conference at the Leonel Castillo Community Center. 

 “I think given the vulnerability of the site and the probability of another major storm inundating those pits, communities should be aware of the risk.” He said.

While most are aware that Houston is one of the world’s most hurricane prone areas, many do not know that an area hurricane could cause a catastrophe in East Harris County because of the waste pits, where toxic materials are temporarily capped near the Texas Coast. When a hurricane or tidal surge hits this site, chemicals from these pits will likely be dispersed across East Harris County and Galveston Bay. The result would be a health, environmental and taxpayer catastrophe.

On Your Mark. Get Set. Get Hired!

Another major job boom is coming to Houston in the next five years -- find out where to get the skills needed for a new career in oil and gas, medical and other fields.  
One of the great things about being a Houstonian (besides the plethora of fine eateries, our annual rodeo and relatively affordable cost of living) is the fact that we were fortunate enough to be one of the least affected -- of all major cities -- when the recession hit several years ago. In fact, when jobs were being lost by the hundreds of thousands every month, job seekers still flocked to Houston in hopes that they would be able to land a gig that paid a living wage. 

Jackie Young on San Jacinto River Waste Pits

Our very own Jackie Young was on KHOU this past Friday to talk about Texans Together and the San Jacinto River Coalition's efforts to bring awareness of the presence of toxic chemicals in the water and groundwater surrounding the San Jacinto River Waste Pits.

The report highlights Jackie's work and documents her and her family's personal struggles with illness from exposure to toxic chemicals. There have been several cases of rare illness around the San Jacinto River Waste Pits occurring in people's domestic animals and pets as well as their families. The toxic chemicals affect humans and animals alike and the ecosystem surrounding the hazardous waste pits remains in danger to toxic exposure.


On June 19th, 1865 Union soldiers landed in Galveston, Texas and announced that all slaves were now free people. Two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, word had finally reached The Lone Star State. There are several theories as to why it took so long for the slaves in Texas to gain their freedom, but with the arrival of Major General Gordon Granger and his Union troops, not only was everyone aware of the new law, there were enough soldiers to enforce it.


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