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April 2017

Judge: voting rights law intentionally discriminates

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

State budget fight an intra-party affair

How Pharma Companies Game the System to Keep Drugs Expensive

House makes it official: vouchers are a no-go

Four things Texans want the Legislature to know about special education

Less segregated communities aren’t only more inclusive. They’re more prosperous.

Teaching Ricardo

Here's everything you need to know about Equal Pay Day

How to make sure your voice gets heard at the Texas Capitol 

Lawmakers to start debating special education bills Tuesday

Abbott: 'Texas will fix' its embattled special education system

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature 



March 2017

Texas Senate passes private school choice bill

Convenience plus a conscience: Lessons for school integration

Compelling new evidence that robots are taking jobs and cutting wages

Effort begins to limit homeowners' ability to sue insurance companies

Supreme Court says Texas can’t use old medical standards for death row inmates

House committee approves $1.6 billion school finance measure

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

What we're missing about affordable housing

School choice bill proponents, foes debate what's best for families

A half million Texans could be without insurance under GOP health care plan

School choice bill proponents, foes debate what's best for families

Abbott wants "broad-based law" that preempts local regulations

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

Senate panel tentatively votes to defund Abbott's pre-K program

Many community college students lack reliable food, housing, survey finds

Inspiring, educating young women is focus of events

Gov't report: More than 12M signed up for 'Obamacare'

Analysis: Texas could find itself back in the voting rights penalty box

Brutal attack inspires woman to help reclaim her old neighborhood

Texas lost a ruling over its congressional map. So what's next for the state?

Congress' analyst: Millions to lose coverage under GOP bill

Top 50 nominees for best bill caption at Legislature

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

International Women's Day 2017: protests, activism and a strike – as it happened

Why it's harder than ever to move out of poverty

Texans assess potential health care fallout

The states with the most medical debt

Did fracking cause quakes? New sensors will be able to find out.


February 2017

Rise in Texas maternal deaths absent from legislative agenda

Texas’ Voter ID law in court after Justice Department pulls out

Houston voices join national archive of African-American experience

Trump administration drops Texas voter ID claim

Harris County board votes to continue Head Start preschool programs

Coming up: This week at the Texas Legislature

The Jobs Americans Do

Surprise bills in store for many Texas ER patients 

Civil rights groups, funded by telecoms, back Donald Trump’s plan to kill net neutrality

Putting numbers on Houston's demand for more affordable housing

Fighting voter ID laws in the courts isn't enough. We need boots on the ground

How all of America is becoming more diverse

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

Why Houston remains segregated

Providing support for parent engagement in early childhood promotes healthy development

State lawmakers take aim at low-income housing

Fishermen, landowners allege harm from waste pits in suit against owners of San Jacinto River Superfund site

Report: Privatized Medicaid program serves fewer people, costs more 

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

Listen: Week of throwdowns over sanctuary cities, bathrooms, even the Klanthrowdowns over sanctuary cities, bathrooms, even the Klan

Labor leader says minimum-wage workers with families easily qualify for 'food stamps'

Abbott's pre-K push not reflected in early House, Senate budgets

Repealing the Affordable Care Act: Bad for the Poor, Good for the Rich

Professor's dedication extends to living with the poor and homeless

Coming up: This week at the Texas Legislature

Appeals court upholds judge's order in Pasadena voting rights suit

Analysis: A $100 million reinterpretation of Texas school finance law



January 2017

9 investigations on voter fraud that found virtually nothing

Pasadena voting rights case heads to appeals court Feb. 1

Explained: Texas school choice

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to revive Texas voter ID law for now 

Coming Up: This week at the Texas Legislature

Texas Senate leaders propose tuition freeze, elimination of financial aid program 

Obamacare has lowered health care costs

Houston claims it's a "city of opportunity." Residential segregation says otherwise.

Pasadena back under federal oversight through 2023 for Latino voting rights violations 

Judge's ruling in voting rights case not kind to Pasadena's mayor

Texas lawmakers return to Austin for another session

Poet: I can't answer questions on Texas standardized tests about my own poems

Pasadena deliberately diluted Hispanic vote, judge rules in voting rights case

Unlike the U.S., many European countries have nearly universal participation in preschool

The Impact on Health Care Providers of Partial ACA Repeal through Reconciliation

The case against luxury gyms like SoulCycle

 Is Free College Really Free?

Hate crime tracking: Fascinating, unreliable

ACA enrollment up even as Congress begins repeal

Powerful video challenges gender roles often taught in Latino households

Texas lawmakers hoping to plug "loopholes" keeping government contracts secret

Pilot program to divert mentally ill from jail shows promise, officials say

Crowd-pleasing museum tour guide says science is 'fun'



December 2016

Plastic island: How our trash is destroying paradise

Where you live can have a lot to say about your health

High executive pay does not equal high performance

Special Report: Thousands of U.S. areas afflicted with lead poisoning beyond Flint's

Nonprofit Playworks helps schools provide meaningful experiences on the playgroundPlayworks helps schools provide meaningful experiences on the playground

When 'historic' doesn't mean 'white'

Americans Name the Top Historic Events of Their Lifetimes

How does chronic school absenteeism affect health and life outcomes?

Words of Wisdom for Public Officials Trying to Connect With Citizens

'Bittersweet Harvest' exhibit traces bracero labor program

'I thought they were sacrosanct:' Families stunned after cemetery site cleared

Angry parents, advocates call for federal action on Texas' special ed cap

ACA enrollment for Jan. 1 coverage extended

Texas, Arkansas take opposite directions insuring their poor

For every $1 spent on preschool, we see a benefit of more than $6, Nobel Prize-winning economist finds

In Texas, pressure to cut special education has led many schools to shut out English Language Learners 

A hasty ACA repeal could spike uninsured rate

Pizzagate: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire

Will I still have health insurance in 2017?

Feds coming to Texas for 'listening sessions' on special education



November 2016

'You Belong. Stay Strong. Be Blessed’: A Texas man's roadside message to Muslims

The amazing decline in Texas homelessness

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Texas death penalty case on intellectual disability

Latino political participation still lags population in the county

This Thanksgiving, be grateful for these 6 ways the world is getting better 

Ignoring Anti-Refugee Rhetoric, Texans Rush to Help in Resettlement

In latest voter ID filing, feds argue Texas discriminated on purpose

Texas argues it can fix foster care without judge's oversight

MLK on the hard business of loving your enemy

Bill filing day at the Texas Capitol revives old controversies 

RIGGED: How the Texas Oil and Gas Industry Bankrolls its Own Regulators

Fifth Ward affordable complex to see $41 million renovation 


October 2016

Officials prepare for uncertainty, confusion as early voting begins Monday

The maps and loans behind Houston segregation 

Volunteers register record number of voters in Harris County

Fixing student loans—the right way

Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth

Who can vote in Texas and what to bring to the polls


September 2016

Libraries in the age of inequality

Americans Should Have a Right to a Fair Workweek

How a small Michigan town is sending all its kids to college

School districts seek to draw dads into the classroom

Houston families will be able to apply for Section 8 housing for the first time since 2012

Texas has deprived thousands of kids of special education services

Hispanic Heritage Month seen as chance to push Latino voting

Appeals court blocks proof-of-citizenship voting requirement

Remove the waste

Texas Drilling Will Cause More Health Problems, Study Predicts

August 2016

Teen and her cool grandpa go back to school at the same college

Representational Bias in the 2014 Electorate

Texas lawmakers troubled by spike in pregnancy-related deaths, committed to tackling problem

The long-term impact of the Head Start program

Poor and Uninsured in Texas

The States That Spend the Most (and the Least) on Education 

U.S. Army Corps suggests leaving waste in San Jacinto River

Feds say ACA working despite insurers' exodus from exchangeACA working despite insurers' exodus from exchange

Judge sets oral arguments to determine if Texas intended to discrminate with voter ID law

Uninsured rate for young adults in Texas drops dramatically

Report: Black women in Texas face the greatest risk from pregnancy related death

With Voting Rights at Risk Across US, International Monitors Called to Help

Voting rights case part of long history of Pasadena ethnic strife

EPA: North Texas Earthquakes Likely Linked to Oil and Gas Drilling

Outgoing official calls for cleanup of San Jacinto River waste pits 

Growing Zika Threat Prompts New Calls for Medicaid Expansion in TexasZika Threat Prompts New Calls for Medicaid Expansion in Texas

How to fight Houston flooding with plants 

How Community Networks Stem Childhood Traumas

To beat payday lenders, an alternative needs banks to help out

Paxton plans to appeal voter ID ruling

Advancing American DREAMs

7 reasons you should vote in this year's elections

How Cities Are Ending Unintentional Racial Discrimination

How feeling respected transforms a student's relationship to school

Stricter Air Pollution Standards Could Save Thousands Annually: Study

Not expanding Medicaid hurts Texas, but will state officials be swayed by studies?

To Help Students, Help Their Parents

Federal Judge Approves Plan to Weaken Texas Voter ID Law

No job. No insurance. No chance at 'Obamacare.' No safety net in Texas. Welcome to CueroObamacare.' No safety net in Texas. Welcome to Cuero

Smoking rates are dropping for racial and ethnic groups - except one

Advocates: City public housing stance could violate U.S. law

How to Build a Successful Summer Jobs Program

State rejects calls to reduce child care ratios

What the Washington Post Editorial Board Gets Wrong on Student Debt

July 2016

New Poll Shows Parents Ready to Scrap High Stakes Testing 

Texas Challenges EPA's Crackdown on Oilfield Methane

Public knowledge of suburban hunger lags reality, survey finds

Lawsuit contends bias in system of selecting judges to Texas' 2 highest courts

Mayor, Houston rappers join forces

Castillo a tireless advocate for civil rights, immigrants

Mexican-American history textbook already being sold, despite controversy

Judge Orders Voter ID Fix for Texas House Runoff

Texas Reaches Agreement With Familes in Birth Certificate Case

Texas students of all races improving on ACT/SAT

Affordable Care Act premiums are lower than you think

US Ranks 9th Among G-20 Nations For Well-Being Of Children, Report Says

Education leaders clash over college readiness of Texas students

Unzipped: Poverty, disability hand in hand in 77051

Three Ways To Help End The Disconnect Between Pre-K And Early Elementary Education

Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act, Court Rules

3 adults, 8 children, 1 motel room

“Race Gap” Hurts American Children According to Children’s Budget Review

How closely does the government track reactive chemical incidents?

Access to health care improves, but unevenly, report says

Harris County Public Health Actually Tests Groundwater Wells Near the San Jacinto River Waste Pits and Finds Dioxin

Unhappiness in America

Integrating Medical And Social Services: A Pressing Priority For Health Systems And Payers 

HISD to test for lead in drinking water in nearly all its schools

Why Houston schools need immigration reform

Map shows the most unequal counties in America: 

Study: Latino children who go hungry more likely to commit crimes later in life

Settlement over San Jacinto Waste Pits to help area waterways 

Texas Announces Hundreds of Schools Receiving Pre-K Grants

The Changing Landscape of American Life Expectancy

My mom, a Mexican immigrant, taught me to love America

Ozone Hole Shows Signs of Shrinking, Scientists Say

Diversity defines the millennial generation


June 2016

Harris County Will Get the Bulk of the San Jacinto Waste Pit Settlement Money 

The Secret Power Behind Local Elections

Colorado Environmental Group Sees Future In Helping Latino Immigrants

Want to understand Brexit? Imagine Texas leaving the United States.

Supreme Court's tie blocks Obama immigration order

Teacher pay around the world

Doctor's orders: Pay sick workers to stay home

Under Pressure: Shifts in Household Spending Over the Past 30 Years

Federal Rules Could Tame "Wild West" of Texas Payday Lending

Can Obama allow some undocumented immigrants to stay?

Business group wants state to fund full-day pre-K

Amid Long Voting Lines And Claims Of A 'Rigged System,' Does My Vote Matter?

How to address the 'affordability crisis'

Any way you look at it, Houston's pay is falling behind

The Loneliness of the Courageous Leader

Fly the Red, White and Blue for Flag Day

How prepared are local emergency committees to deal with an accident?

Young Houston Hispanics march downtown with immigration message

Jail shouldn't be Texas' response to mental illness

Why a Houston hotel decided to pay a $12 minimum wage

This woman was worthy of her legendary status

STAAR results won't be used for 5th- and 8th-grade promotion

Dreamers from around the country converge in Houston for the United We Dream Congress 2016

Most disconnected youth have a high school diploma

Barbara Jordan's memory in tug-of-war over immigration

Surprise medical bills: A problem not just for the unsuspecting but the wary, consumers say

Straus Orders Texas House To Study School Finance

How blacks, whites and Hispanics mix—or don't—in Houston


May 2016

 What One District's Data Mining Did For Chronic Absence

The states where minimum wage workers struggle the hardest to make rent 

Aldine ISD Highlighted As Case Study In ‘Perseverance’ In School Turnaround

A Memorial Day Test: Are Military Children Making the Grade?

For many would-be voters, getting photo ID is a challenge

Raising the minimum wage would matter the most in Texas

Confusion every time: election polling locations explained

What is being done to prevent another tragedy like West? 

Americans' lacking financial resiliency reflects economic doldrums

Conservative ideologue peddles textbook butchering Mexican-American

Dealing with income inequality the easy way

Study: Texans favor Medicaid expansion

Poll: Two-thirds of US would struggle to cover $1,000 crisis

Study: Millennials match boomers in eligible voter shareMillennials match boomers in eligible voter share

Texas uninsured rate falls to 16.8%; national rate now in single digits

Poll: Most Americans want to replace Obamacare with single-payer - including many Republicans

UT study: Fracking-related activities have caused majority of recent Texas earthquakes

Greg Abbott on Austin's Proposition 1: "The Issue's Not Over"

In Surprising Turnabout, Oklahoma Eyes Medicaid Expansion

Giving social entrepreneurs a boost

The glass barrier to the upper middle class is hardening

Why I'm no longer ashamed of my Mexican immigrant parents

Considering old buildings - and the people who live in them

At this rate, it will take 150 years to enroll 75 percent of U.S. kids in quality preschool

Pew study sees a shrinking middle class in major US cities 

How Many Latino Students Are Enrolled in Selective Institutions?

Teacher group: Texas spends less on its students than 37 states

Big Idea: Internships for high school kids in special ed

The (bigger than we realized) role race plays in college debt

4 Problems With Texas That Are Hard To Make Excuses For 

Rising Health Care Costs Weigh On Voters

On Teacher Appreciation Day, 14 educators on why they teach

Feds extend Medicaid funding for Texas 

Migrant children kept from enrolling in school

Rundberg residents see change, but what happens when $1 million program ends?



April 2016

Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares

A New Way to Keep an Eye on Who Represents You in Congress

Texas Lawmaker Warns of Outer Space Death Pulse

Lemonade Day will see young entrepreneurs across city on Sunday

Texas Court: Houston Overstepped with Air Pollution Rules

Garden helps students learn from the ground up

ASPIRE program takes aim at Houston's underemployment problem

College tuition on the rise in Texas, far exceeding household income growth

Valley Residents Have Been Eating Toxic Fish for Decades

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

Wrecked wetlands lead to flooding. Here's what you can do.

Political Interest and Awareness Lower Among MillennialsMillennialsMillennialsMillennialsMillennialsMillennialsMillennialsMillennials

Twelve facts about food insecurity and SNAP

New Voting Restrictions in Place for 2016 Presidential Election

More than half of the U.S. is living with unhealthy pollution levels

Note to conservatives: The market alone cannot banish poverty

Missing ingredient for millennials: Down payment savings

How 5 dimensions of poverty stack up, and who’s at the greatest risk

Kids Are Dying in Foster Care. 'If We Want Change, We’re Going to Have to Pay For It.'

Immigration at the Supreme Court: What you need to know

Chad Lewis serves as an ambassador to the streets

Many HISD schools lack a librarian, nurse or counselor

The growing specter of vacant federal judgeships

No, the gender gap is NOT a myth #EqualPayDay

Houston's mean streets: Our city's road design is killing people

Wage gap: Texas women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns

Can Teaching Peace Reduce Violent Crime?

Some Schools Have More Police Officers Than Counselors

Seeking to prove Medicaid fraud, state regulators lose again

How Fort Bend County became a model for diversity 

Students Say Free Speech Is Alive, With One Big Exception

How a Renewed Medicaid Expansion Fight Could Play Out in Texas

Why Do We Make It So Hard for Americans to Vote?

A homeless person enters the library. The librarian smiles.

Supreme Court upholds 'one person, one vote' for redistricting

Records reveal scope of wait times in Arizona primary

Apodaca: Are Hispanics in the U.S. a unified voting bloc?

The South isn't the reason schools are still segregated -- New York is

Women and minorities in Texas state government make less than white men

$15 minimum-wage movement sets sights on more states 


March 2016

Meet the Long-Forgotten Organizer Who Inspired Cesar Chavez to Become an Activist

USGS forecasts high earthquake risk linked to oil and gas activity

UH students feed neighbors in need

Civil rights groups ask U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in Texas voter ID lawsuit

Local DA encourages blocking blacks from juries, Wharton County prosecutor says

The ACA Turns Six!

Texas gets 'F' in school funding report

Poor children fall further behind in Houston schools, report finds

How you can help improve water quality and access around the globe

Health insurance gains due to Obama's law, not economy

McDonald's U.S. president says wage hikes have been worth it

'Turnaround Houston' will include employment fairs

Fixing Texas' failing education system is critical for employers

Case backlog at immigration courts could hit more than 1 million

Nearly half of ACA sign-ups in Texas are new

Congressmen Want Investigation of Houston Poll Miscues

Federal Appeals Court Will Revisit Texas Voter ID Law

HISD funding changes vary by school

Health law fines double for many uninsured at tax time

Minority, low-income neighborhoods fuel area's healthcare enrollment

Texas Near Bottom Among States in Primary Turnout This Year

Local nonprofits feeling the squeeze from oil collapse

Fielder Elementary fifth-grader pens book

Turner calls on lawmakers to tackle school funding

Why isn't Texas ready for next big hurricane?

Turner calls on lawmakers to tackle school funding

20 million have gained insurance since ACA took effect

Tuesday anything but super for some Texas voters

The history of National Women's History Month

The 5 Principles of Integrity in Elections

In the '60s, Sunnyside thrived. Debra Walker wants that again.

 'The way language can become a living thing'


February 2016

How do so many people get stuck in poverty?

U.S. Citizen Jailed in Immigration Status Mistake

Why blacks and Hispanics have such expensive mortgages 

Why We Need More Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors

Stung by state finance system, HISD eyes big budget cuts

Univision Aims to Make Hispanic Voting Bloc Even More Formidable

Life of the Law: Harris, County

Early voting slower than expected so far

Think tank says home ownership maybe out of reach for more Americans

This Louisiana tribe is now America's first official climate refugees

Meet 'Average Mohamed', the gas station manager fighting Isis

EPA Directs Additional Safety Measures for San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund Site

Middle-class minorities are most at risk of falling behind on student loans, report says

The Top Four Myths Peddled by the Big Banks

The remarkably different answers men and women give when asked who’s the smartest in the class

Texas A&M Apologizes After Black High Schoolers Harassed on Campus

What we learned from Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg's ride-or-die friendshipGinsburg's ride-or-die friendship

Early vote could decide Texas primaries before Super Tuesday

More Texas children got insurance in ACA's first year

Le faces questions over residence in council district

Texas A&M president decries reports of racial harassment

Student Debt Makes College More Expensive for Women

Houston Schools Ban Suspensions in Early Grades

5 facts about Mexico and immigration to the U.S.

The Retail Race Divide

Rules ignored, water fouled in Barnett Shale

Judge orders release of PAC's records in Pasadena voting-rights case

Paternity leave offers a surprising benefit to women, new study finds

Homicide victims were 5 times more likely to be black than white in 2015, analysis shows

Study Backs Up What Advocates Predicted: Strict Voter ID Laws Reduce Minority Turnout

Gov't report: Drop in uninsured in 8 states

The Racial Generation Gap and the Future for Our Children

Establish Small Donor Public Financing

Fracking research hits roadblock with Texas law

3 charts that show just how dire the student debt crisis has become

Activists Tell Houston to Stop Subsidizing Crappy Jobs 

1.3 million Texans enroll in ACA insurance 

The racist roots of Flint's water crisis

Many Low-Income Families Get On The Internet With Smartphones Or Tablets. That Matters. Heres Why

Without improved public service delivery, women in developing countries can’t take advantage of economic opportunity

Views on Government Help for Middle Class, Wealthy and Poor

The U.S. spends too much on health care, not enough on health

The House Always Wins

2015 exonerations set record ; Texas, with 54, had over one-third of total 

Houston civil rights pioneer Holly Hogrobrooks dies at 75


January 2016

These 10 major companies admit they don't have enough women

More Americans Are Going Hungry in the Suburbs

Is Houston really a city of opportunity?

Family drama puts focus on insurance changes

Dickerson: The middle class is being gutted in Texas

Mapping the Latino Electorate by State

Walmart to hike wages for more than 1.2 million workers on Feb. 20

Slicing the school lunch debt

Beloved painting by Houston muralist in peril

Don't have health insurance? You face higher tax penalties this year

Maps reveal the most medically underserved populations in the Houston area

The lie that won't die: No, Obamacare doesn't kill jobs

Texas Fights Back Against Judge's Foster Care Reforms

EPA calls on religious groups to aid in feeding the hungry

Polling place sites again at issue in Waller County

Latino electorate is larger than ever

Oxfam says wealth of richest 1% equal to other 99%

With immigration case comes local and national divide

Automatic Voter Registration: Finding America's Missing Voters 

 Inequality in American Cities Is on the Rise

Peace Corps suspends El Salvador program as violence surges

Dodd-Frank and the Future of Wall Street Reform

Now Is the Time to Build on the ACA’s Gains, Not Dismantle ThemACA’s Gains, Not Dismantle Them

Job gains even more impressive than numbers show

ACA: Nearly 300,000 enrolled so far in Houston

Texas School Fund is Guaranteed Winner in Tonight's Powerball Drawing

Louisiana’s New Governor Signs an Order to Expand Medicaid

More Evidence of Medicaid Expansion’s Positive Effects

The Racial Wealth Gap: Why Policy Matters

Environmentalists Ask EPA to Strip Texas' Authority

Be Nice, It May Help Your City’s Economy

The fight for Texas' prairie wetlands

‘I Am Drowning.’ The Voices of People With Medical Debt

Why the Government Owns So Much Land in the West

Texas appeals federal judge’s ruling that its foster care system is “broken”

Governors Get Smarter on Medicaid

Texas Ranked 43rd In Nation On 2016 Education Quality Report43rd In Nation On 2016 Education Quality Report

Wall Street, Techdom and the Hard Truth About Parental LeaveTechdom and the Hard Truth About Parental Leave

The New Attack on Hispanic Voting Rights

How Texas' governor gets away with a power grab

How to improve education for low-income students

Obama administration moves to deport Central American families denied asylum

Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds

MD Anderson study links high sugar diets to breast cancer in mice

Minorities start majority of new Houston businesses

5 facts about the minimum wage

The Next Big Voting-Rights Fight

Colwyn, Pennsylvania: The Town That Can't Seem to Govern Itself

Economists Take Aim at Wealth Inequality

Elections have Consequences


December 2015

Why Voting Matters: Large Disparities in Turnout Benefit the Donor Class

Poor people in the Deep South are on their own

More Texans sign up for Affordable Care Act insurance

For the wealthiest, a private tax system that saves them billions

Shrinking middle class challenges businesses

Smuggled immigrants become hostages in perilous journey

The new racial generation gap

Texas Targets EPA Smog Rule in Latest Suit

The hollowing of the American middle class

Tough bail policies punish the poor and the sick, critics say

The woman in the hijab

For HISD's immigrant students: 'Everything is stacked against them'

More than a million Texans sign up on insurance exchange

Freedom From Religion Display Ordered Removed from Capitol

Houstonians giving freely over the holiday

Divers find hole in San Jacinto waste cover

The Year's Biggest Social Justice Stories

Someone else's farm, not my own

With billions in surplus, health insurer defends nonprofit status

Houston saw smoggier skies in 2015, analysis shows

How Many Homeless Youth Are in America? No One Knows.

The Experts Were Wrong About the Best Places for Better and Cheaper Health Care

Texas needs smart policies, not a miracle

When Its Okay To Give Public Education Advocates The Side-Eye

Tyson Foods’ secret recipe for carving up workers’ comp

Single mom who lived in her truck just wants a home this holiday season

Note to world leaders: This is how to welcome refugees

Homeless on the Home Front

Every child can learn to read, says 83-year-old Alice Pradia. Just follow her formulaPradia. Just follow her formula

'Creole' in Houston: not black, not white, different than 'mixed'

Middle class no longer majority in U.S. as richest gain ground 

The fascinating history of how Jefferson and other Founding Fathers defended Muslim rights

How a hoax story about Mexican drug lord El Chapo threatening the Islamic State took over the Internet

After soccer, Abby Wambach wants to tackle gender inequality

American middle class is hollowed out while rich get richer, new study finds

UT-Austin: Fake Mass Shooting Not Welcome on Campus

It's Human Rights Day. Let's talk resources.

Signs of a Truce in the Mommy Wars

Analysis: In Redistricting, Somebody Will Be Slighted

EPA finalizes rule to cut chemical haze at national parks

High court scrutinizes race in UT admissions

New federal education law gives more control to states

China Issues First Ever Pollution Red Alert

Should College Tuition Be Free Or Paid On A Sliding Scale? Just Ask Preschool Advocates

Syrians Small Fraction of Refugees Reaching Texas

Houston police officer works with homeless on job, mentors kids through nonprofit

Q&A: Examining a voting rights case

AP Exclusive: Texas birth certificate rules often unenforced

Albuquerque, revising its approach toward the homeless, offers them jobs

Why strict new ozone rules won't do much for Texans' health

The Impact of Evenwel: How Using Voters Instead of People Would Dramatically Change Redistricting

Pearl Harbor survivors recall chilling day

Magic Bus gives a lift to poor Houstonians working toward better lives

After the Asylum: How America's Trying to Fix Its Broken Mental Health System

Hungry, Homeless, and in College

Community college students struggle with hunger, poverty, study finds

Has the number of homeless students identified in your state increased?

Battered by health problems, dad hopes for holiday respite for 5 boys

Immigrants hoping to organize, exert political power

Illegal dumping, missed garbage pickups higher in lower-income neighborhoods

Early voting in Houston runoff starts Wednesday

Bobby Depper is paying and praying it forward


November 2015

Income Inequality: The Deep Dive.

Judge: No "Emergency" to License Detention Centers

Helping twentysomethings grasp politics

Local homeless numbers drop faster than national rates

Study finds more Mexicans leaving the US than coming

Education Board Rejects Panel to Review Textbook Errors

Little boy donates his piggy bank to vandalized mosque

Amid student protests, some see erosion of free speech 

Half Of People Who Went To College In The Recession Haven’t Graduated

Refugee Nonprofits: Texas Response is What ISIS Would Want

UT/TT Poll: Texans Say Immigration, Terror Are Greatest Threats to U.S.

Is Texas Denying Health Coverage to Foster Youth?

Finding a Purpose, and Winning a Prize for It

Survey: Workers left behind as Houston's restaurant scene booms

How American parents balance work and family life when both work

US women paid less than men in nearly every profession

Texas Got a 'D-' in State Integrity & Government Transparency

Just how diverse is Houston? 145 languages spoken here

In Texas, Minorities Less Likely to Own Homes

Analysis: A Peculiar Way to Disenfranchise Voters

The Divide: Hunting for a home

America's Exceptional Child Poverty

On Quakes, Regulator Sides with Energy Companies

Why we need a health care revolution

The Rigging of the American Market

Day of the Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

These people died at the Border. Here are the things they carried with them.

Loss of insurance plans could devastate cancer patients

The Texas county where only 12 people signed up for Obamacare

Local Battles Brewing Over Sanctuary Cities

Only four miles separates those who vote from those who don't


October 2015

Harris County sees uptick in early voting

Texas still leads the nation in kids without health insurance

Harris County to Paxton: We're Still Suing Volkswagen

Incoherent Justifications for Depriving the Poor

Local Politics and the Malaise of the Millennials

Texans Decide on 7 Constitutional Amendments Nov. 3

Number of women killed in domestic violence rises

Program an entree to banking for low-income young adults

Judge Denies Emergency Relief in Birth Certificate Case

766,000 Texans may have little chance for health insurance

Proposal would eliminate HISD suspensions for pre-K to 2nd grade

Students and mentors get an education at Houston private school 

Do Mayors Still Care About Income Inequality?

More Foreign Migrants Make Their Way to Texas

To Paxton's Cheers, Court Blocks EPA Clean Water Rule

And Divided We Fall

Today’s newly arrived immigrants are the best-educated ever

5 cases to watch as Supreme Court term begins

Texas' shifting views not yet fully reflected in electorate

Why Isn’t the Federal Housing Finance Agency Doing More to Help Keep People in Their Homes?

Medicaid expansion could make health insurance affordable for 5.6 million

What behavioral economics can teach us about unemployment insurance

A Bad Argument for the Universal Basic Income

Mapping Houston's health problems


September 2015

Asians expected to outpace Hispanics among U.S. immigrants

EPA issues landmark rules to curb emissions from refineries

Houston Students File Brief In Texas Supreme Court School Finance Case

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees: 'Diversity is a richness, not a problem'

The Average American Worker Earns Less Today Than 40 Years Ago

The Case for Voter Registration Modernization in 2015

Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes

Study shows employers shifting more medical costs to workers

Six ways to tell if that viral story is a hoax 

Harris Health to cut thousands of uninsured from free care

Education Gap Between Rich and Poor Is Growing Wider

U.S. Targets Four States in Effort to Enroll the Uninsured

Health Insurance Deductibles Outpacing Wage Increases, Study Finds

If Anyone Ever Tells You Your Vote Doesn't Matter — Show Them This

Life in the age of the unreliable messenger

NAHREP Initiative Hopes to Triple Hispanic Household Wealth Over 10 Years

Newest Immigrants Assimilating as Fast as Previous Ones, Report Says

What you can do for peace – on World Peace Day 2015

10 ways young people can change the world for the better

To Reduce Health Costs, Insurer Spends on Housing

Houston ISD students to Texas: Educate us, please

Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight

A Toxic Work World

Houstonians rally to feed hungry children in El Salvador

Can Social Impact Bonds Help Reduce Homelessness?

What affects the future success of poor children?

Irving Police Chief: Race Had Nothing to Do With Student's Arrest

Texas' Uninsured Rate Dips, Remains Highest in Nation

Poverty Rate Holds Steady, but Number of Uninsured Drop

Lower Income Americans and Communities of Color More Likely to see Libraries as Community Anchors

Economies Are Growing in Every State. Why Are People Still So Poor?

America’s Voting Machines at Risk

Nationalist Group Wants TX Secession on Primary Ballot

From a Burundi massacre to self-sufficiency in Houston

Texas Could See Increase in Syrian Refugees

Lawmaker Scrutiny Follows Bland, Deputy Deaths

America's city rankings set for Texas-sized shake up; Houston to edge past Chicago

Take a look at the real student debt crisis

Lawsuit says man died in ER while hospital sought payment for care

Examiners: Company Not To Blame For North Texas Quakes

The other immigrants: how the super-rich skirt quotas and closed borders

5 reasons kids in America are falling behind

Cubans Flood Texas Ports After Thaw in Relations

Does money matter?

Correcting the Texas Justice System

More evidence insurance lowers health costs

Four years after fleeing Syria, refugee family getting settled in Houston

Private Insurer Pays Government Lawyers to Pursue Fraud Charges

Panel says 'no' to more San Jacinto River cancer studies

The New Redistribution: 5 Radical Ideas For Reversing Income Inequality

Detained Immigrants Face Challenges Despite Ruling

Houston comes to aid of refugees in Jordan

EPA Water Rule Applies to Texas After All

12 things you should know about the term "anchor babies"

Gov. Greg Abbott doesn't need to resort to intimidating those advocating for the poor

Hardworking teachers tell us what's wrong with public education:

Selling plasma to survive: how over a million American families live on $2 per day

Judge Will Hear Birth Certificate Case Next Month

Low-Income Workers See Biggest Drop in Paychecks

State examiners say disposal well not clearly connected to earthquakes

Immigrant Teens Less Likely To Do Drugs, Crimes Violence: New Study

Texas counties turn to voting centers to boost turnout

State Asks Supreme Court to Drop School Finance Lawsuit

Houston Seeks to Keep Power to Police Air Pollution

State supreme court to hear school funding lawsuit

Abbott Courting Feds for Health Care Money, Emails Show


August 2015

City of Refugees: How Houston became a resettlement magnet

2011 Budget Cuts Still Hamper Schools, Data Shows

Want to reduce illegal immigration? End the drug war

Humana suddenly drops Baylor doctors out of network

Labor Board Ruling Eases Way for Fast-Food Unions’ Efforts

Texas Asks Full Appeals Court to Hear Voter ID Case

Hispanic Infants More Likely to Be Born Into Poverty

How food insecurity is adding to our health care costs

In south Houston apartments, a piece of Vietnam flowers

Scientists find a way to combat racial bias among little kids 

State set to deny comprehensive study of cancer clusters in east Harris County

Can you guess the average age of homelessness in the United States?

Bush Leads Push for Endangered Species Reform

No, Katrina evacuees didn't cause a Houston crime wave 

A key to increasing economic mobility

7 things to know if you think men and women are equal 

HISD Arabic immersion school draws supporters

Protesters at Houston's Arabic Immersion Magnet School on first day of class

13,000 fall into homelessness every month in L.A. County, report says 

How companies make millions off lead-poisoned, poor blacks

Mexican Government Files Brief in Birth Certificate Case

Immigration Crisis Shifts from Borders to Courts

This Map Shows How Many More Students Are Living In Poverty Than 9 Years Ago

Black Lives Matter activists release criminal justice reform plan

DOJ to 5th Circuit: Texas voter ID law needs to be fixed ASAP

Nearly 1 in 3 uninsured Texans skip needed care 

Luckless at Capitol, Minimum Wage Advocates Go Local

Students Fight Back Against Voter ID Law That Allows Gun Licenses But Bans Student IDs

Environmental racism persists, and the EPA is one reason why

Experts talk Latino risks at Houston health Expo

Corps of Engineers Offer No Clear Solution for Dioxin Dump

What a $15 Minimum Wage Would Mean for Your City

Galveston Bay gets a 'C' health grade in new report

Architecture of Segregation

U.S. Schools Still Segregated

A Stealth Attack on Voting Rights is Brewing

Two years into Obamacare, only one state still has more than 20% uninsured

Uncertain future for Houston toxic river dump

What Do the Poor Need? Try Asking Them

Study: Law Discouraged More Than Those Without Voter ID

Ignoring reality

Fifty years later, Pasadena case emblematic of modern voting rights fights

Court: Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

New evidence shows election officials are biased against Latino voters

What grows in a community garden? Community.

Ellis: Reforms needed to protect and engage Texas voters

July 2015

Far fewer without health insurance in Texas

A Dream Undone: Inside the 50-year campaign to roll back the Voting Rights Act

Harris Health looks at cutting back on free care

San Jacinto Cancer Victims Blame Dioxin Dump, Call For Removal

Legal Experts Question State's Immunity Claim

77% of Struggling Americans Would Choose This Over Making More Money

Who is Texas leaving behind?

Four charts that show the opportunity gap isn’t going away

This $153,000 rattlesnake bite is everything wrong with American health care

The remarkably high odds you'll be poor at some point in your life

Gap widening as top workers reap the raises

Maps show visible racial divides in major Texas cities 

CDC: Teens waiting longer to have sex, more use morning-after pill

One-Third of Latino Kids in US Live in Poverty, Says Report

Looking for balance in health plan networks

Lawmakers blast denial of birth certificates for U.S.-born children

Higher minimum-wage proposals gain ground on both coasts

The calamity of disappearing school libraries

‘Illegal Activity’ Fine Print Leaves Some Insured, but Uncovered

Texas’ school funding levels called red flag

Arguments Against Voting Debunked: Why You Have No Excuse Not To Vote

Railroads, highways and other man-made lines racially divide America's cities 

Harris County Attorney Demands Release of Toxic Waste Data

Over Objections of Legislature, Alaska’s Governor Says He Will Expand Medicaid

Racism Edges Up Again as Most Important U.S. Problem

The cities where Americans are most likely to spend more than half of their paycheck on rent

Analysis: Schools Changing, and Not How You Might Think

Will Texas risk melting down our safety-net health care system?

Starbucks and Other Corporations to Announce Plan to Curb Unemployment of Young People

How Texas is whitewashing Civil War history 

Expanded Medicaid reducing emergency room use in California

Zoning out the poor: Skywalker Ranch edition

The Divide: Income inequality in America's most economically segregated big city

Affordable housing: Now it's a problem for the middle class, too


June 2015

Boosting overtime: Obama calls for broader coverage

Supreme Court Thwarts EPA Mercury Rules

Why the Arizona Redistricting Decision Matters

Ruling does little to change health care narrative in Texas

Harris County Cancer Clusters Gets Unprecedented Extra Study

Supreme Court: Texas Reinforced Segregated Housing

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies

Money from waste pits lawsuit allocated

Fewer Poor Uninsured After Health Law, Study Finds

Slavery’s Long Shadow

The Cost of Letting Young People Drift

Texas health officials will further study Harris County cancer clusters

State Survey Finds Cancer Clusters in East Harris County

Study: Mega injections of wastewater triggers more quakes - Houston Chronicle

Supreme Court: Texas Can Ban Confederate License Plates

Abbott Signs Bill to Limit Pollution Lawsuits

Supreme Court dismantling of health care law could hit Texans hard

M.D. Anderson researchers, state differ on three Houston cancer clusters

DA drops charges against Alfred Brown

Analysis: A Conservative but Complicated Legislature

Lawmakers hoping to avoid special session on school finance

City, volunteer groups collaborate on flood recovery for first time

Analysis: Small Visions, Small Results in 2015 Session


May 2015

Grand jury, juvenile-justice reforms head to Abbott

Immigrants, Latinos Helped Drive Business Creation Last Year

Redlining: Still a thing

There's a word for what 'cool' vocabulary app breeds: success 

Senate reaffirms opposition to same-sex marriage

59% of college-educated Latinos have trouble meeting monthly expenses, report says

Public-Sector Jobs Vanish, Hitting Blacks Hard

Diversity requirement new fight in grand-jury bill

The Stark Inequality of U.S. Public Schools, Mapped

5 facts about the minimum wage

Bills would weaken citizens' ability to request environmental hearings 

Los Angeles' minimum wage on track to go up to $15 by 2020

A Deincarceration Miracle in Texas?

Share of Texas children from low-income families in high-poverty schools 

Abbott signs law to tie cities' hands on fracking 

Lawmakers need to put grand jury reform ahead of personal glory

House, Senate said to be close to deal on tax cuts

House Budget Writers Consider Health Care Safety Net

EPA closely watching bill to speed state permits

Senate passes bill limiting tuition benefits for children of veterans

Fort Bend County leads the way in diversifying Houston area

Harris County officials kill bill to allow online voter registration

Fracking ban bill headed to Abbott's desk

A Seat at the Table

Segregation Texas Style

Senate panel passes Abbott pre-K bill


April 2015

Texans overwhelming view health insurance as important

Pre-K not just about quantity, but quality

Income Inequality Is Costing the U.S. on Social Issues

Four Years Later, Texas Is Still Defending Its Voter ID Law

House tax cuts would give about 40 percent of benefit to highest earning one-fifth of Texans

Why American Workers Without Much Education Are Being Hammered

Study: Satisfaction with ObamaCare tops traditional plans

U.S. Maps Areas of Increased Earthquakes From Human Activity

BuzzFeed News Report On Truancy In Texas Shocks Lawmakers

Governor’s emergency items caught in power struggle at Capitol

Tensions at the top over legislative logjam

Texas Senate OKs police body camera bill

Black men in America disappear from daily life

Refocusing Earth Day on the big issues

Study links swarm of quakes in Texas to natural gas drilling

Patrick Advisers Blast Pre-K Plans Pushed by Abbott

With Hospital Funds in Question, Abbott Holds Firm Against Medicaid Expansion

Texans don't treat their mother (nature) right

Texas House approves Public Integrity Unit move

Vouchers Won't Cover Tuition Cost

Feds Warn Texas: Expand Medicaid or Risk Hospital Funds

A Checkbox On Your Tax Return Helped Kill Public Campaign Funding

Texas House Approves "Denton Fracking Bill"

Bills limiting residents' input mess with Texas

County Attorney appeals trial court rulings in San Jacinto Waste Pits case

Organized labor as a new civil rights movement

Women Still Earn a Lot Less Than Men

Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway

Many Texans Struggle with Costs of Health Care

Council Vote in Ferguson Bring Pause and Promise

Medicaid expansion would have benefitted local hospital

Editorial: State budget disorder

In-State Tuition for Non-Citizen Resident Texans: What You Need to Know

Texas House tentatively passes $209.8 billion, two-year budget

Who Pays Taxes in Texas?

McDonald’s to Raise Pay at Outlets It Operates

Texas budget measure would cut HIV funds, boost abstinence education


March 2015

San Antonio, where policing the mentally ill means treating them

Movement to Increase McDonald’s Minimum Wage Broadens Its Tactics

Cesar Chavez’s Quiet Yet Complicated Approach to Leadership

The Affordable Care Act Turns Five

Straight-party voting: Eliminating straight-party voting could result in a more thoughtful voter.

China Raids Offices of Rights Group as Crackdown on Activism Continues

Long Legislative Road for Voucher Bills Begins

Arkansas’ Private Option Could Be Model for Texas

A Tale of Two Sites

Meaningful Pre-K Reform is in Trouble, Because Austin Reps Are Lazy

Even in Nursing, No Equal Pay for Women

Full-Day Pre-K’s Benefits Backed by Research, Advocates Say

The Middle Class Has Gotten Smaller In Every State Since 2000

Identity Crisis: The Supreme Court's Identity Crisis on Voting Rights

Supporters of Higher Minimum Wage Hail Judge's Ruling

Tarrant County Bill ‘Gives a Hall Pass to Polluters,’ Critics Say

The Case for Early Education Funding

Stop Calling Houston a "Sanctuary City"

Bill Would Throttle Local Government’s Ability to Sue Polluters

The Source: Pre-K For Texas

SJR Coalition Says EPA too Slow to Remediate Waste Pits Expert Releases New Report, Says Removal Necessary

Texas Senate lays out prerequisites for Medicaid expansion

Celebrating Selma without fixing the Voting Rights Act dishonors the sacrifices of Bloody Sunday

House Public Ed Committee to Consider Pre-K Bills

11.7 Million Americans Have Insurance Under Health Act

Too Many Texas Students Face Fines, Criminal Records for Truancy, Group Says

Fight over voting rights continues on Selma anniversary

Austin politicians make Texans pay twice for uninsured

Senate Tax Cut Plan Draws Criticism

Cities Are Quietly Reviving A Jim Crow-Era Trick To Suppress Latino Votes

Texas Households on Food Stamps Almost Tripled Since 2000

Early Education Push Earning Lukewarm Reviews

Patrick Unveils First Round of Education Proposals

Early Learning on Fast Track in Austin

Officials: US report finds racial bias in Ferguson police

Economy boosts safety-net hospitals in states not expanding Medicaid


February 2015

Following Abbott’s Lead, House Members Propose Pre-K Grants

Texas Matters: Pre-K For Texas

Code red Indigent Patients, Budget Cuts and No Medicaid Expansion Equals a Catastrophe.

Hammond: Texas Dream Act benefits all Texans

In Houston, Abbott Names Early Childhood Education his Top Priority

House Takes the Lead on Abbott's Pre-K Charge

Commentary: Keeping the DREAM in Texas

Pre-K funding bill could help schools, but legislators hesitate to back it

How Do You Make Grand Juries in Harris County More Diverse?

There's A Startling North-South Divide When It Comes To Health Care

The High Costs of Being Poor in America: Stress, Pain, and Worry

The Wealthy are Walling Themselves Off, Especially in Texas

Feds Extend Affordable Care Act Enrollment Period

Frels/Thompson: Vouchers don't meet constitutional requirement of 'public free schools'

Walmart Raising Wage to at least $9

Obama's Economic Report Focuses On Income Inequality

Are the Benefits of Full-Day Pre-K?

8 Ways Obamacare has Proved Its 

Critics Wrong

The Famous ‘Word Gap’ Doesn’t Hurt Only the Young. It Affects Many Educators, Too.

Is the Affordable Care Act Working?

Delay of Obama Order Galvanizes Immigrant

Parents Earning More than $3,760 are "Too Rich" to Qualify for Medicaid in Texas

Learning Starts with Reading

Bending the Curve on Patient Safety

States Consider Increasing Taxes on Poor, Cutting Them on Affluent

Unauthorized Immigrants’ Access to Driver’s Licenses Is at Risk

Beyond "Black Lives Matter"

When States Block Obamacare E.R. CloseObamacare E.R. Close

10 States with the Worst Taxes for Average Americans

This is How Few Americans are Deciding Who our Presidential Nominees are

Why Political Correctness is Still Politically Relevant

A Close Look at What ACA Navigators Do to Help People Get Covered

Pre-K Pays Off By Lowering Special Ed Placements

Nation’s per-pupil K-12 funding fell for second consecutive year in 2012

Monument planned in Austin to salute Navarro

Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy, a Study Finds

Latino Enrollment Is Critical For Obamacare, So Is It Happening?

CFISD Wants State-Funded Full-Day Pre-K

Hispanics and Education: a Texas-Sized Challenge for States


January 2015

Dallas Rep. Eric Johnson Releases Bi-Partisan Reform Plan for Pre-K

Interactive: Demographics of Texas' Undocumented Population

Many African-Americans Fall Into a Health 'Coverage Gap'

Lawmakers Reveal Plan to Reform Pre-K

Middle Class Shrinks Further as More Fall Out Instead of Climbing Up

The Surprising Cost of Growing Up Poor In the Shadow of Wealth

Courts Matter — And So Do the Rules that Keep Them Fair

Dan Patrick's "Advisory Panel" Members Already Spend Millions Lobbying Lawmakers

Texas' Affordable Care Act Number Goes Higher

Voting Newsletter: Voting Rights Act Debate Continues in Congress

Nearly 1 Million Texans Enroll in Health Care Plans

Election Spending 2014: Outside Spending in Senate Races Since 'Citizens United'

Which Houston-Area School Districts Have the Most Students Living Below the Poverty Line?

Texas Housing Case Could See Civil Rights Act Reinterpreted

Pre-K Must be a Texas Priority

The Great Wage Slowdown of the 21st Century

In Ferguson, Push for Criminal Justice Reform Draws Comparisons to ’60s Fight for Civil Rights

2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics

'Citizen' Board of Wealthy Texas Donors Will Help Lawmakers

MLK's Call for Economic Justice

5 Things Latinos Should Know About Getting Covered Under the Affordable Care Act

Majority of U.S. Public School Students are in Poverty

Texas Has a Very Complicated Cupcake Policy

Courthouse Packed as Texas Judge Reviews Immigration Lawsuit

Immigrants can Now get Mexican Birth Certificates in US

Dream Act Supporters Rally Against Repeal Efforts

Five Issues to Watch as the Show Unfolds at the 84th Legislature

5 Reasons to #GetCovered for 2015

Study Finds Local Taxes Hit Lower Wage Earners Harder

Voting Newsletter: Supreme Court Poised to Hear Voting Cases in 2015

The Battle to Protect the Vote

2015: An Agenda for Health Care

Lawmakers Plan to Debate Pre-K, But Will They Unite?

Community Forum on San Jacinto Waste Pits Funds Scheduled for Tuesday Night

Tamir Rice and the Value of Life

Job Growth Fails to Help Paychecks of Workers

Texas Earns C-minus, Ranks 39th in Nation on Education Ranking

Don’t Restric t Voter Drives in Texas

Amazing Fact: Obamacare 'Beyond Repair,' Yet Brings Insurance to Millions

‘School C hoice’ Would Save Texas Billions, Groups Say

Expert: School Funding Changes in Limbo

State Task Force Releases Health Care Report, Favors Medicaid Expansion

Obamacare Pushes Uninsured Rate to New Lows

Rep. Muñoz Files Bill to Extend Funding for Free Full-Day Pre-K Programs

Texas City Made Famous by 'Urban Cowboy' Emerging as New Battleground On Voting Rights

Millions Of Workers Will Get A Raise On New Years Day

Texas May be Warming to the Medicaid Expansion. That's a Big Deal.

With New Year Comes New Obstacle to Voting in Texas


December 2014

Obamacare Enrollment Hits 380000 in Texas

More Than Half of Obamacare 2015 Enrollees are New

Vastly-Expanded Pre-K Faces 'Strong Head Wind' Says Key Texas Lawmaker

Texas Legislature Unlikely to Boost School Funds in Upcoming Session

Medicaid expansion supporters see sliver of hope in Abbott

Split Focus: Failure to Win Grant Shows Lack of Unity on Many Levels for Pre-Kindergarten 

Obamacare Enrollments Hit Nearly 6.4 Million

Texas can Take Steps to Address Causes of Income Inequality

Number of Uninsured Americans Near Historic Low

Fueled by Recession, U.S. Wealth Gap Is Widest in Decades, Study Finds

Nearly 2.5 Million Consumers Have Selected Health Plans On Federal Marketplace

Racial Gerrymandering Returns to the Supreme Court

Minorities Fall Further Behind Whites in Wealth During Economic Recovery

Texas Loses Out on Big Pre-K Grant

Why Are Women's Voting Rights Still An Issue?

How the 1986 immigration law compares with Obama’s program

Observers: Human Rights Day Will Highlight ‘Horrific 2014’

Plano Approves Controversial Equal Rights Policy

Support for Medicaid Expansion Still Steadily Growing

A New Age of Activism

Better News on Jobs, But Not Good Enough

Strong Voice in 'Fight for 15' Fast-Food Wage Campaign

The Obamacare paradox: the law looks terrible but is doing great

Health Affairs: Among 11 Nations, American Seniors Struggle More With Health Costs

Exxon CEO Defends Common Core Education Standards That Perry and Cruz Have Opposed

Will Legislature reverse course and expand Medicaid?

Gerrymandering Is a Texas Tradition Whose Time Has Come and Gone


November 2014

Wyoming Devises Medicaid Plan to Expand

70 Percent of Americans With HIV Don’t Have Virus under Control

A Half-Million Sign-ups During Healthcare.gov's First Week

Separating Fact from Fiction on Voter ID Statistics

Undocumented Immigrants Aren’t Who You Think They Are

5 Immigration Myths Debunked

The impact of Obama's Immigration Executive Action, State by State

House Republicans Sue Obama Administration Over Health Law

Voting 2014: Stories from Texas

Voter ID Laws Scrutinized for Impact on Midterms

Don't Let Data Fail Texas Students

By Using Executive Order on Immigration, Obama Would Reverse Long-Held Stance

Voting Newsletter: How Voting Restrictions Impacted the 2014 Election

Expanding Medicaid - New Lawmakers Have a Chance To Do Right By the State's Poor

Gallup on Obamacare: Customers Happy

Two Companies Settle Over San Jacinto River Waste Pits, Jury Clears Lone Holdout of Liability

Latino Group sues City of Pasadena over Redistricting

The Supreme Court Hears an Alabama Case on the Voting Rights Act

Perry-Appointed Board Backs Health Coverage Expansion

The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years

Feds Have New Leverage in Medicaid Showdown

Broad Shield Requested Against Deportations

RESIDENTS: Toxins Released into Water, Bodies


October 2014

How Greg Abbot "Criminalized" Voter Registration in Houston

Report: Voters without Proper IDs More Likely to be in Minority Neighborhoods

Supreme Court Allows Texas to Use Strict Voter ID Law in Coming Election

Harris County Seeks Accounting for Decades of Pollution

Trial Over Waste Pits to Begin

Voter Registration Soars in Ferguson Following Death of Mike Brown 


September 2014

NY Mayor Plans Expansion of Living Wage for Thousands Struggling with Poverty

Our Invisible Rich

Houston Police Plagued by Fresh Scandal, Old Denial 

Secret Wall St. Tapes are a Game Changer

Woman Hit by California Cop Awarded $1.5 Million

Hospitals in States That Haven't Expanded Medicare Face Huge Unpaid Bills 

Business Leaders Think These Are The Best States for Education

More Proof that Anti-Obamacare States Need ObamacareAnti-Obamacare States Need Obamacare

ObamaCare Getting One Big Thing Right

Texas Still Tops List of Highest Uninsured Rates

Investigations House Democrats Want Justice Department Inquiry Into AG Raid

How Health Insurance Can Change Your Life

Voter ID in Trial in Texas

Houston Most Hispanic Part of Country without Hispanic in Congresss


August 2014

Ferguson Tragedy Becoming a Farce

Houston Police Always Justified in Shootings.


July 2014

Demand for Urban High-Density Living Ramps Up


June 2014

Texas Among Nation's Worst Water Polluters

Recovery has Created Far More Low Wage Jobs

Texas Among Nation's Worst Water Polluters

Most Latino Workers Born in U.S., Study Says

In Texarkana, Uninsured and on the Wrong Side of a State Line

May 2014

Texas Runoff Maps Show Extent of Low Voter Turnout

These States Invest The Least In Their Students

Texas ranks 41st in seniors’ health

Harry Reid Wants to Amend The Constitution


April 2014

Federal judge strikes down Wisconsin’s voter ID law

Recovery has Created Far More Low Wage Jobs

A Rancher's Romantic Reisionism

The Right's Piketty Panic

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

Law Lifts Medicaid Enrollment by Millions

This is What Life in a Plutocracy Looks Like

Report Finds Hispanics Faring Better Than Blacks


March 2014

Oil Spill Threatens Galveston Bay's Fishing Industry

Hispanics in Texas, U.S. remain uninsured ahead of deadline

Low Wage Workers Finding Poverty Hard To Escape


February 2014

Waste Pits Cleanup ‘years away

No Plan to Clean Up Worst Toxic Waste Sites


January 2014

Wary of Obamacare, some Republicans sign up anywayObamacare, some Republicans sign up anyway

Income inequality is biggest global risk, World Economic Forum says

Income Gap Could Take Toll on Texas, Book Says

In Jobless Youth, U.S. Is Said to Pay High Price

Share of Foreign-Born Texans Growing


December 2013

Report: Child Poverty Increases in Texas


November 2013

Fishermen protest delays in lawsuit aimed at seeking damages for river pollution

In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up

What Ethnic Diversity Looks Like: Fort Bend

In Report, 63% Back Way to Get Citizenship

‘Generation wait’: 4 years after recession, mobility for young adults stuck at 50-year low

NYTimes: In Kentucky, a Glimpse of Health Insurance Help

Voter Suppression Backfires in North Carolina, Spreads in Texas

October 2013

States Are Focus of Effort to Foil Health Care Law

This Is Your Brain on Toxins

Majority of Texas Fast-Food Workers on Public Assistance

Kaiser study finds 'lower than expected' ObamaCare premium


July 2013

Voters viewed as key to solving Latino problems

A Growing Share of Latinos Get Their News in English

Michelle Obama asks Latino activists to help sign up millions for health care program

White House Focuses on Reaching Latino Viewers

Feds: TX Hispanics May Not Hear Health Reform Message


June 2013

Fewer uninsured children in Texas, survey shows

America's Assimilating Hispanics

Farmers Branch's first Hispanic council member got out the hard-to-motivate Latino vote

Empower The Vote Texas Redistricting Update

Guest Column: Civic Engagement and the Future of Texas

The Hispanic vote is a sleeping political giant. It might never wake up.

Medicaid Expansion Denial Will Cost States Billions: Report

Report: Immigrants' Economic Strength Increases

For Medicare, Immigrants Offer Surplus, Study Finds


May 2013

The Health Toll of Immigration

As Latinos Make Gains in Education, Gaps Remain

Wealth Gap Among Races Has Widened Since Recession


Medicaid Access Increases Use of Care, Study Finds


April 2013

President warns Texas that massive resistance to Obamacare implementation will hurt residents

HISD ready to start laptops-for-all program

Wealth Gap Among Races Has Widened Since Recession

S.E.C. Is Asked to Require Disclosure of Donations

Houston School Rankings

Foes, friends of Medicaid expansion gather forces at Capitol


March 2013

Rise of Latino population blurs U.S. racial lines

Perry accuses feds of offering 'bribes' to expand Medicaid

Fewer Texans Earning Minimum Wage or Less

Texans Rebut Gov. Rick Perry on Expansion of Medicaid

Medicaid Expansion Is Possible

Christie Says He’ll Take U.S. Money to Expand Medicaid

Emmett Pushing for Medicaid Expansion


February 2013

In Reversal,  Florida to Take Health Law's Medical Expansion

Medicaid Expansion Divides GOP Governors 

Medicaid Expansion in Spotlight as Session Heats Up

Pitts and Williams Say School Funding Debate Can Wait

Why testing fails our kids


January 2013

Interactive: Which Health Care Costs Could be Offset by a Medicaid Expansion?

Meet The Champs

Immigration fallout from saying no to 'Obamacare'

Poll: Many say let illegal immigrants stay in US

Texas graduation rate inches up to 78.9%, study finds

After Immigration Arrests, Online Outcry, and Release

For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall

Latina Liberals Vie for Senate Seat Left by Gallegos’s Death

Hispanic Pregnancies Fall in U.S. as Women Choose Smaller Families

Latina Liberals Vie for Senate Seat Left by Gallegos’s Death

Biden: Latinos 'the center of this nation's future'

Hispanic Pregnancies Fall in U.S. as Women Choose Smaller Famili

New House Caucus Seeks to Work for Younger Texans

Biden: Latinos 'the center of this nation's future'


December 2012

The Corporate Welfare-Obamacare Link

Hispanic mega-donors eye immigration

Young Immigrants Say It’s Obama’s Time to Act

For Latino Groups, Grass-Roots Efforts Paid Off in Higher Number of Voters

Education chief: Base school ratings on minority progressPerry says Texas will not set up health-insurance exchange

Educating Hispanics crucial for state, demographer testifies


November 2012

Business group calls for higher, more fees for water meters, vehicles

Expert: Texas' bilingual ed needs have skyrocketed

Four more years for battle-hardened Obama

'True the Vote' Banned from Ohio polling stations

GOP seeks favor with South Texas Hispanics

Texas' voter purge made repeated errors

Gangs On The Rise


October 2012

Latinos - and new poll shows them fired up

Early Voters Swarm Polls in Houston

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