Why is Computer Programmer a High-Paying Job?

I am a programming major, and for me, 24 hours a day is not enough due to the gauntlet of exams and homework. As a rule of thumb, I prefer to use the little time that I have to prepare for the exams to get a high GPA, which leaves me with the pile of homework that’s almost due. Luckily, I can hire someone to do my computer programming homework for me to focus on my exams!

We live in a modern world where technology rules our lives, so naturally, any career occupation that deals with technology will pay you nicely. To get a high-paying job in programming, you need to enroll in a programming major from a reputable university. Although it is an arduous feat nevertheless, it shall be worth it in the end. Here are several reasons why programmer is a high-paying job:

Applications Are Built by Programmers

When you take a look at all the world’s leading applications like Facebook, Google, and other social media giants, you’ll notice the number of users on those platforms is increasing by the second, and if that doesn’t scream popular, I don’t know what else will. Just about anything you see on the screen is written by a computer programmer behind the scenes, making the occupation naturally of obvious importance in the digital world.

Programmers are paid well by these social media giants because they can make all sorts of things happen in the applications and maintain them the way the companies would like them to be. For example, if Google wants to change the application display, a programmer can write new scripts to make that happen, or if something goes wrong, a programmer can undo the mistake in a snap of a finger; that’s why they command such a high salary.

Eliminating Human Errors

Today, factories have undergone modernization because of all the benefits they bring, such as faster product setup, quality assurance, no human mistake, high precision and accuracy, and eliminating costs. Even though it may sound harsh for the people losing their job, companies opted to use machines and artificial intelligence for manufacturing. This is possible because of how computer programmers can program those machines and AIs to operate the way the companies would like them to be, and if something goes awry, programmers are ready to fix the issue.

High Demand in Society

Not many programmers are available in the work market because not many people found the subject interesting, contrary to their usefulness. Depending on where you live, computer programmers have different monikers such as:


  • Developers
  • Tech Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Coder

Because of their scarcity, companies are willing to spend a lot of their resources to recruit a programmer to work for them, so you best believe that having a programming background will serve your finances nicely in the future!…

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